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Our Services

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Our design approach is always collaborative. Our client-first approach is imperative. Always professional, we deliver exceptional work to the highest standard.

Our initial meeting with clients is to discuss their requirements, their needs, wants  and budget considerations. We provide advice and insights as to how good lighting  design can augment and elevate a project and discuss creative solutions. From this  we develop a clear design brief for approval.

We collaborate closely with the client and designer/architect to design solutions that will achieve their goals and enhance the architecture by creating a balance between structural form and lighting. We develop concepts that address practical considerations through beautiful design.

Documentation is carefully packaged to ensure deliverables are clear for all receiving parties. These include: lighting layouts / details / fixtures / lamp specifications and information required on a project by project basis.

Throughout each phase, and across the entire project, we keep our clients consistently informed, working closely together to ensure clarity and a seamless working process.

Site work is instrumental in ensuring all lighting is installed to specification, including the fixtures, dimming settings and precision aiming of lighting. Our work at this stage ensures we achieve the perfect aesthetic based on our designs and our client’s requirements.

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